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Nicki Minaj “My Truth” (Part 1)

Yesterday the first part of Nicki Minaj’s “My Truth” aired. The show gives a look at Nicki’s hard work, balancing her judging job, taping of videoclips, song recording and more.

Watch it below.

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Nicki Minaj Officially Named American Idol Judge

After a lot of rumors, Nicki Minaj has been finally named “American Idol” judge, thus completing the panel with Keith Urban, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey.

Nicki will be receiving $12 million for a one-year deal. Does this mean she will rank higher next year on Forbes list? Who knows..

What Nicki will be looking for during the “American Idol” auditions is a superstar, which is “something that can’t be defined in words” she said.


Nicki Minaj Ft Cassie – The Boys

Nicki Minaj left us guessing who she was talking about, when she announced that her first single “The Boys” will feature a pretty female. Now you know, it was Cassie, no wonder it couldn’t be guessed. Cassie sings on “The Boys” while Nicki does her rapping thing. This is the first single for the re-release of Roman Reloaded. Listen to the track after the jump.

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Video: Nicki Minaj – Starships

Gotta quote 2 Chainz: “Nicki Nicki Nicki.” Wassup with that ass?!
Nicki Minaj is rocking a green wig and pink bikini in the official video for her Pink Friday: Romans Revenge single, “Starships.”

Watch the video after the jump.

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New Music: B.o.B. Ft Nicki Minaj – Out Of My Mind

B.o.B and Nicki Minaj got on a track together for B.o.B.’s sophomore album Strange Clouds, due May 1. I don’t care what nobody says about Nicki.. She can rap!! Listen to “Out Of My Mind.”

“If these niggas go dumb/ I go to the mental facility,” raps B.o.B.

“Can we pretend that airplanes in night sky are like shooting stars/
Well you’ll really a need a wish right now when my goons come through and start shooting stars.”

“You know I graduated summa cum laude/ That’s why they thinkin’ I’m Illuminati,” Nicki is just giving y’all a reminder.


Watch: Nicki Minaj On The Graham Norton Show

Nicki Minaj appeared on The Graham Norton Show, with Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo and comedian John Bishop. they talked about how Nicki shops, why she deleted her Twitter and showed her “Beez In The Trap” video.

I think that Twitter deletion is going to get undone real soon, no one is going to let 11 million followers just go like that. And what is that with the voice in her head telling her to do so? Maybe it was Roman?

They also spoke on her kiss with Madonna and Graham showed off his knowledge of the Nictionary. Nictionary seems like a dictionary with words Nicki uses or so (I didn’t check for it, so correct me if I’m wrong).

Watch the video below.

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Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded Debuts At No. 1

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded debuts at No.1 on Billboard, with 251,551 albums sold. These are low numbers seeing how she was promoting her album, but hey.. A win is a win.