A$AP Ferg Throws Shots At Kendrick Lamar In A New Freestyle


A$AP Ferg was throwing some shots Kendrick’s way in a recent freestyle, with the whole A$AP MOB. Ferg was pretty slick with those bars.

In a dark room in harlem, thinking about shots,
And how Billy raised me and they could’ve hit Rock (A$AP Rocky) and a couple of other niggas, but they don’t roll with my flock.

Makavelli from Harlem how you wanna be Pac?
Wanna be a jiggy nigga?
From the Eastcoast right, the beast coast right
I know you feeling the…. closed right
… the heat to your face and your teeth all tight
As long as Flex got beach, we can beef all night
Schoolboy, you better school ya boy
Hit you with the ruler boy,
New 50 cent, I will fucking Ja Rule ya boy
Hit em with the chop stick and fucking Tom Fooled ya boy
“I don’t sell rocks, nigga I smoke em
….on crack and that’s no jokin
the weed had me laced I started westcoastin
the shit was too potent
now i’m ready to poke somethin
Rock, wanna know somethin
Sherane got good brain, a couple harlem niggas had that bitch up in a chicken wang
You top dawg? I heard you in the lick of things a hollywood bully where you…


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