Video: J. Cole Freestyle In North Carolina (Shots Thrown At Diggy?)

Kendrick Lamar brought J. Cole out during TDE and BET’s Music Matters Tour stop in North Carolina, Jermaine’s hometown. The crowd was all excited when he started performing “Nobody’s Perfect.” After that he went a capella and entertained the crowd with new verse.

“Woke up this morning to rumors of N***as wilin’
Picture me hatin on a young nigga with talent
Album flopped, but it’s cool he caked out on his allowance
I was out in Vegas, kicks was the latest
B**** was the baddest, her head was the greatest

Only one thing that I ask all you haters..
You can’t diss a nigga if you got him on your playlist……. Life’s a B**** just don’t come in the sheets.”

Remember Diggy dissed J. Cole a while ago? Cole said that he wouldn’t respond to Diggy with a diss track, so it was all good after that, even though Cole was lost after that. Maybe I’m looking to deep in this, but was he talking about Diggy in this verse?? You be the judge, watch the video below.



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