Video: 50 Cent Explains His Promotional Venture With Manny Pacquiao

Today 50 Cent sat down with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club and explained his promotional venture with Manny Pacquiao. There were talks about 50 Cent having beef with Floyd Mayweather, a good friend of his. But he cleared up the rumors saying that they are good friends and he’s not the one to sit around and wait for Floyd or whoever.

“Yeah, well Floyd is a friend of mine. I look at Floyd like he’s my younger brother. … He earns so much that he just spend. Run around and spend what he want. So, there’s no urgency, to anything. And when the communication breaks and it starts to not be –Look, my concept of TMT is ‘the fight you want to see’. It’s Floyd [Mayweather and] Manny Pacquio, the fight.”

Watch the interview below.

Michael Koncz, Manny Pacquiao’s advisor:

“50 Cent and I have been talking now for maybe the last two months. They approached us with the idea to form a
promotional company. Initially it was going to be 50 Cent, Manny and Floyd. But right now I don’t think Floyd is going to
be a part of it. I explained the idea to Manny. We already have a promotional company, MP Promotions, and we have
already done three separate promotions from Top Rank…on a small scaler. I have to take the blame for that. I’m in charge
of it. There is an element missing there, but I have so much to do with Manny ­ that I haven’t got that company to where
I want it.”



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