Mixtape – Lil Wayne – Dedication 4 (Hosted By DJ Drama)

Lil Wayne finally drops Dedication 4 mixtape, the fourth installment of the Dedication series with DJ Drama.

Dedication 4 was pushed back two times before the final release, the first time Weezy said it was because he didn’t want to take the spotlight from 2 Chainz album release and admitting after that that he didn’t finish the mixtape. Don’t know what to believe, but anyways. He promised to release it on August 30th, but he didn’t keep that one.

It’s known that lil Wayne has gotten a little obsessed with his skateboarding, seems like he doesn’t even care about his music anymore. This mixtape should prove that Weezy still can rap if he wants to or if he’s just better off skating.

The release got pushed back half an hour, I think it has something to do with crashing of Livemixtapes. Shit makes me wanna cry, the one time I want to download a mixtape I get this. SMH

Stream/download Dedication 4 below.

Or Try This one.

Jay Z considered sending Death OF Autotune (D.O.A.) to the mixtape Weezy, would he still consider doing this if he heard this mixtape?

Update: DatPiff delayed the mixtape with another 30 minutes and Livemixtapes keeps on crashing, N***as ar thirsty for that Dedication 4, I hope Weezy don’t disappoint.


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