Was The Maybach Music Group Press Conference Necessary?

I ask, cause I was waiting for that shit to start and had mad expectations. They had some big guys come true. Swizz and Diddy both came on thru to support/praise Ross. After they came up I thought someone else would come, maybe announce a new deal Ross got in or something. But no.. None of that.

Instead he had Wale and Meek Mill come on stage to announce their release dates. Even they didn’t know what to do, Wale really looked like don’t know what to do, acting all nervous and shit.

When French Montana came on I knew this was all bullshit, the nigga didn’t know what to say. How the hell do you get a man on stage that doesn’t even know what he’s there for??

I think the big announcement was that Omarion is the newest member of MMG. But if that’s press conference worthy.. That I doubt, cause somebody They could’ve given him an MMG chain and let him walk around in a video. Btw, we already knew that shit.

Those release dates could’ve been pasted at the end of every video or tweeted and we would’ve know. But a whole Maybach Music Group Press Conference?? Naahhh

But anyways, maybe it’s me..


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