New Music: Nas – Daughters

Nas rhymes about the struggle of fathering a daughter on his new single “Daughters” produced by No I.D.. This sounds like some real life things that Nas is rapping about.

“This morning I got a call, nearly split my wig
This social network said “Nas go and get ya kid”
She’s on Twitter, I know she ain’t gon post no pic
Of herself underdressed, no inappropriate shit, right
Her mother cried when she answered
Said she don’t know what got inside this child’s mind, she planted
A box of condoms on her dresser then she Instagrammed it”

That tweeting pictures of condoms may refer to this time blogs were talking about his daughter doing that. “Daughters” will be on Nas’ forthcoming 10th studio album Life Is Good, due July 17. Good one by Nas, wanting to hear more. This song reminds me that I don’t want a daughter though.

Nas explains the concept of his single in the video below.


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