Kanye West And Kim Kardashian The Next Jay-Z And Beyonce?

It’s saturday so I’ve been doing some internet searching, when I came across an article at GlobalGrind stating why Kanye Kim K. could be the next Hov and Bey.

Kim demands attention, and if she and Yeezy hit it off, she’ll be one of Beyonce’s BFFs. Deal with it.

No. She they are not going to be best friends. I’ve never seen Beyonce with a friend other than the ones we already know, her sister, mom, or Kelly. And Beyonce is not obligated to be best friends with Kim just because Kanye is dating her, fuck that. She wasn’t no bff with Amber, so we can forget this one.

I believe that Kanye is about to paint a picture so vivid with Kim Kardashian as his muse that we will all be left in a comatose state of admiration.

This can be, I mean listen to “Theraflu,” I certainly believe that situation will inspire him to make the best music he can.

But that statement of being the next Hov and Bey? No. Hov and Bey are no attention whores, it’s not until late that they began opening their relationship to the public. Kim needs attention, but the reason for it is..? I don’t know either. What are her talents? *blankstare*

I’m watching “American Dad,” so I’ll leave it at this. Hit the comment section to give your opinion on this.


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