5 Replacements For Mary J. Blige In Burger King Ad

People are mad at Mary J. Blige cause of her Burger King ad, which aired without her approval. A lot of people took it too far saying it’s stereotypical and so on. But you can’t blame her, I mean I won’t act like I don’t like chicken. Fuck that. My problem with the ad is the simple fact that it’s Mary J. Blige. Do these Burger King people know who she is?

This is like putting Jay-Z in that Pizza Hut ad, with the rapping dj or whatever that guys was. That commercial made me think of that rapper in Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” who is that nigga?#randomrappers

That would be absolutely insane, his status is too high for that bullshit. That’s what I think of Mary J’s case, she too big to be doing this, singing for a chicken wrap. Come on Mary. Event though that alleged $2mill is tempting, you’re just too big for it.

I would sing that ridiculous song to for that amount. But that’s me, a broke ass blogger, Not Mary J.Blige. I swear, it wouldn’t be this big of a deal if it was some up and coming or lesser known singer.

So I made a list of people that could’ve done the commercial without anyone complaining. Check the list after the jump.

She disappeared for a while now, so shaking her goodies for that BK check would’ve been a good way to get some attention back.


I’ve said that I don’t want to hear Ashanti singing without Ja Rule. That $2mill would do good, while she’s waiting for him to get out of jail.


Christina Milian

Is she the one that signed to Young Money shirt ago?? If she is, this check will come in handy while she’s warming the bench along side Millz, Gudda and ’em.


Olivia has been struggling with her career for a while now, she got signed somewhere. But something extra wouldn’t hurt.

After all:



2 baby momma checks and that “Crispy Chicken, fresh lettuce” money is a good look any day.


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