Video: Soulja Boy – NuReligion

I don’t know what the fuck is up with Soulja Boy, he’s on some beat wasting movement these days, now with “NuReligion.” This shit sounds like “She Got A Donk.”

Soulja Boy needs to sit down somewhere and just focus, he can make hits. But this “NuReligion” is not doing it.

He’s not lyrical at all, but he had us all Yoouuuiinn in the club at one point. You can’t call him a one-hit wonder either cause he’s had some hits. Shit he had steppin out of out imaginary Benzes and turnin our Swag up. So I really think he can do it. But he needs some focus,

“It looks like Soulja Boy’s been soft ever since Kat Stacks came thru and crushed the buildings.”

Lay off that powder and go get us some more “Pretty Boy Swag.” Imma keep hoping for some good playable shit. Meanwhile you can check the video for “NuReligion” after the jump and leave your thoughts when your done listening and watching.


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