What About That: Khia Goes In On Chris Brown, Lil Kim And Other Artists

So for those who don’t know Khia, she’s one of the many ‘one hit wonders’ of hip hop. Check video below, that will fresh’n up your mind.

So as I was saying, Khia was going in on a lot of “celebrities”. I don’t know why, but she clearly thinks of herself as interesting enough, cause she went on for almost an hour.

When did they start giving pimps and hoes shows and the queen ain’t got no show yet.

Above a quote on Ice-T and Coco, think she’s trying to get on the reality show wave. Everybody has one anyways. But why the heck does she call herself the queen? Queen of what? C’mon Son, get outta here with that bullshit. A queen don’t sit there and talk shit on people. But about her presentation, she had her shit alphabetically ordered, guess she didn’t want to miss nobody.

There were some funny parts, but there were parts that had me SMH. You don’t go on to people for being sick, that’s just sad. Common man, there are things you just don’t do. But I guess people will do anything to draw attention, till you’re the one in that position. One of the funniest part I find the part when she went on talking about Lil Kim, saying: Who The Fuck Want War? And replying: I Do Bitch.

I’m curious about what Lil Kim has to say about this, this could be the beef that could bring her back. But ok, it’s getting too long.

Khia should just loose all those papers, keep it short next time, quit talking about diseases and this could be funny. Anyone any suggestions?


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