30 Day Song Challenge: Day 11 – A Song From Your Favorite Band

You probably didn’t know, but the old Wayne, Wayne who was killing mixtapes is one of my favorite artists.
In the days that Wayne had them quotables. One of his best mixtapes for me is with Dj Drama, The Dedication II. Don’t want to hurth no feelings, but for me this is one of the best mixtapes ever, I’ll go ahead and call it a classic. Dare to disagree!!!

I think I know 80% (if not 100%) of the songs word per word. Really, Wayne killed a lot of people’s beat back then. One of my favorite songs on “The Dedication II” is Sportcenter.

And just another bonus. Man went a bit sentimental on us, telling how he missed his dogs. Referring to his former label mates/friends that left Cash Money. Enjoy.


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