30 Day Song Challenge: Day 10 – A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

Real talk, I don’t need a song to put me asleep. I can literally sleep to anywhere at anytime, church, school, work, bus, train, car. Only thing I need is enough boredom. So I went thinking, which song that I know is like boring?

I went on google searching for some boring songs, but couldn’t find one that fits my taste.
So YouTube should help me, since everybody and their momma got a song on there.
Finally I stumbled upon this Dutch singer Anthonie Kamerling with “Toen ik je zag”. If you understand Dutch and listen close to what he’s singing, you’ll find out that it has beautiful lyrics.
But unfortunately you would fall asleep before you get to it.

Hope you guys enjoy it. And let us know, which song you could fall asleep to.


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