30 day song challenge: Day 2 – Your Least Favorite Song

My least favorite song, this one had me thinking. I mean there are a lot of crappy songs out there. Sometimes even my favorite artists put out things that have me scratching my head. Like, why you did that for??

But ok, so I had to chose between a couple of songs. The fact that I lost my whole iTunes library didn’t make it easier. But nonetheless I made my desicion. Lady Gaga’s annoying Ale Alejandro and Rihanna’s umbrella ella ella e e got away with only a warning.

But my choice was for a song I find very annoying. What I don’t like about it is the way auto-tune got ass raped without any lube. If you want to bring out a song so badly, please just sit and play with the buttons. Or call a friend who has a friend that knows someone who can adjust that thing the right way.

But the song of the day goes to Ron Browz with Rotate. The same person who produced one of hip hop’s classics, ether.


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