SMH: Drunk Flyer Peas On Passengers

Picture: Sandcrew Magazine

Can you imagine that? You’re just sitting there minding your own business a bit tired of the long flight. Suddenly someone stands up and begins to pea in the isle. Well this is what happened on a flight from Auckland to Singapore.

The New Zealand Herald:

A drunk New Zealand passenger urinated in the aisle of a Jetstar aircraft – spraying one man and soaking a woman’s scarf – but was allowed to leave the flight with only a warning.

The man, travelling from Auckland to Singapore two days ago, emptied his bladder about six hours into the 11-hour flight.

Passenger Amos Chapple said: “I hear this sound of running water and then I hear a guy going ‘No, no, no, what the hell is wrong with you?’

“And there’s this guy pissing in the aisle, waving back and forth.”

The man urinated on to the aircraft carpet, a man’s leg, and a woman’s scarf.

“Everyone was yelling at him and he slowly became aware that he was being uncouth. He pulled up … and wobbled back to the other end of the plane.”

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