iPhone app: Location based friendrequest with “Friendthem”

Sometimes when you go out you meet some interesting people. Some you don’t contact or see them ever again. Lately I don’t even ask for phonenumbers, I just ask them to look their profile up on my facebook app. But now there’s a better easier way to send a request to these people.

With the new iPhone app “Friendthem”. Friendthem allows you to look up people on the same location as you are and add them as friend on facebook. You need to know the name of these persons to do so.
There’s an option to Friendthem now or Friendthem later. When you choose to Freindthem later, the request is saved in the history, so you can send it later on.

Another option is to set how much info you display to others. You can choose to hide your dsiplay picture, hometown and name.

This is app might come in handy, the next time if I meet someone I won’t have to hand over my iPhone, I could just look them up myself.
Or maybe you just met someone and want to add them, but they have one of those random names everbody has. That again is a good time to use this app.



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